Aliexpress is another E-commerce platform from Alibaba Group, focusing on small batch wholesales and retail.

You can order through Aliexpress just like you do on Amazon, Ebay.

Buyer Safety

Money Back Guarantee

Aliexpress promises your money back if the item you received is not as described, or if your item is not delivered within the Buyer Protection period. You can get a refund 15 days after the claim process finishes. This guarantee is in addition to and does not limit your statutory rights as a consumer, as granted by all mandatory laws and regulations applicable in your country of residence.

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Quality Assurance

Aliexpress is a platform and not a direct seller of a certain product. So the quality is purely on the sellers’ side. However, the Money Back Guarantee buyer protection will help guarantee quality in an important way and will gradually improve the overall quality of the platform.

Types of Suppliers


Some factories have their own international market department and open their own store on Aliexpress for small batch wholesale orders (a few pcs, tens of pcs each item etc.)

Trading companies and wholesalers

Trading companies and wholesalers are actually making the most out of Aliexpress. Since sellers need to keep stock, such suppliers have the ability to buy in products from factories, offline wholesale markets and sell online. They’re more flexible compared to factories who usually have to keep the machines running to produce large number of products that can be supplied to multiple buyers (trading companies, wholesalers etc.)


There are small players on the platform as well. They are usually small, a few people or even 1 person only. But they have resources.

MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)

There is no MOQ on You can buy even 1 pc at a time. If you want to buy more items or more quantity of an item, you can chat with the sellers and sometimes you can get a discount.


The prices are transparent as shown on the listing page. If you need to buy a larger amount, you can contact the seller directly to apply for discounts.

In general the prices on Aliexpress are very good compared to most platforms.

Communication Methods

You can chat online with the sellers. If you’re using the Aliexpress app, you can chat with the sellers in the app.

Payment Methods

Aliexpress supports many payment methods, including credit cards (Visa, Mastercard etc.), debit cards, alipay, webmoney, PayPal (partially).

Shipping Time & Modes

Aliexpress supports many options for shipping as well, including

  • AliExpress Standard Shipping
  • Cainiao Standard For Special Goods
  • AliExpress Premium Shipping
  • FedEx
  • TNT
  • EMS
  • DHL
  • UPS Expedited
  • UPS
  • UPS Express Saver

Depending on your shipping information, the time it takes varies and that will show up after you fill your address.

When you choose a shipping method, you have the chance to view and compare all shipping options. Generally speaking, if you’re not in a hurry, choose one that’s cheap; if you need the items faster, then you may consider a faster option at a higher cost.

  • Transparent, simple and smooth purchasing experience
  • World wide shipping and delivery
  • 24/7 support. If you have any question in the process, they will help.
  • Products are cheap and good quality
  • Millions of products
  • If you buy in bulk quantity, the total cost is not as good as if you buy from
  • Hard to save cost on shipping if you need to buy from multiple suppliers.

In either of the above cases, consider hiring a Sourcing Agent in China.


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