Simple & Transparent Pricing Plan

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What is it?Our pring model as your supplier of products.
Who is it for?Those who want to buy from China, but have no suppliers.
What we do for you?All you need to do is let us know what you need, and we’ll source the best factories and supply you with the products.
What we charge?We offer you an all inclusive price. NO service fee required.
Our business model?We maintain operation from the price differences backed by our value.
Why us?

1. Good quality, thus less complaints.
We have established long term cooperation with some good factories in various fields and we purchase, inspect and make sure the products produced meet our order details. There’s no reason for us not to focus on quality, as it’s our products in nature and we want them to be the best.

2. Good price, thus more profit.
Even though our profit model requires a price difference in our buying and selling prices, you still get a better deal from us thanks to our capability in finding and working with direct factories who may not have an online presence, as well as getting better deals from them with our volume.

3. Clear communication, thus less misunderstandings.
We speak good English, we know international trade and we make you feel like working with locals.

How does it work?You send us your request for any product you want -> we source and quote you -> you order and we ship


What is it?Our pricing model as your agent that helps you manage everything in China.
Who is it for?Those who have their own suppliers and need local agents to take care of their orders.
What we do for you?We provide services tailored to your needs. Can be any or all of below: Order followup, QC inspection, customs matters, shipping and after sales service.
What we charge?We charge a service fee ranging from 5-10%, depending on the amount of the purchases, detailed below:
$0-2,000: 200 USD;
$2,000-5,000: 9%;
$5,000-10,000: 8%;
$10,000-20,000: 7%;
$20,000-30,000: 6%;
$30,000+: 5%.
Our business model?We maintain operation from the service fee for the services we provide.
Why us?

1. Service in mind, thus less hassle.
Importing from China includes a long and complex procedure that may be overwhelming. Time differences, language barriers, cultural differences, long distance, all add up. We do almost anything needed to better quarantee quality, improve lead time and consolidate shipping, just like your eyes and ears in China.

2. Total transparency, thus more trust.
We put everything on the table. We charge a service fee, provide our service and do not take kickbacks.

3. Large network, thus more efficiency.
Though we’re based in Foshan, we have over 100 agents across China, which allows us to cater to your needs even if you have suppliers thousands of miles away from each other.

How does it work?You let us know what you need us to do -> we quote you our service fee -> you confirm and we service

Story behind our pricing plan

I told one of our customers: “We offer free warehousing for you.”

He smiled and replied: “No, you don’t. Nothing is free.”

“Well, we profit from other aspects…”

This was a conversation between a customer and myself and I’m deeply influenced by this straightforward response.

People like free stuff. But the more rational part of us knows that everything comes at a price.

And that’s why I want to make it clear, straightforward and transparent in what we do for you and how much we charge.

No surprise. No disappointment.