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When you visit China or when you need to have a video meeting with your suppliers, we can interpret for you to overcome the language barrier.


We have worked with lots of furniture and ceramics suppliers and we can match the right one for you in a short time. Plus, we're capable of finding new suppliers to meet your requirements.

Follow up

We are your local assistants that follow up the order, communicate with you and the suppliers. This will also help reduce the inefficiency caused by time differences.

Quality Inspection

Inspection of products is necessary to avoid possible defects or inconsistency to the order specs. Our experienced agents are on it.


We offer good rates and services for shipping thanks to our long term cooperated shipping agents, by sea or by air.

After-sales Service

We're always here to address any possible issues with the products you receive.

Foshan’s Product Cluster & Export

Foshan, located in Guangdong Province of southern China, is renowned for its thriving product clusters and robust export industry. The city has a rich history and has developed into a major manufacturing and trading hub in the region. Foshan’s economic strength lies in its diverse range of product clusters and its significant contribution to China’s export market.

One of the key product clusters in Foshan is the ceramics and porcelain industry. Foshan is widely regarded as the “Ceramic Capital of China” and is home to numerous ceramic and porcelain manufacturers. The city has a long-standing tradition of producing high-quality ceramics, including tiles, sanitary ware, and decorative items. Foshan’s ceramic products are known for their exquisite craftsmanship, innovative designs, and durability. The city’s ceramic industry has a strong domestic market presence and is also a major exporter of ceramic products to various countries around the world.

Another important product cluster in Foshan is the furniture industry. The city has a well-established furniture manufacturing sector, specializing in the production of various types of furniture, including home furniture, office furniture, and hotel furniture. Foshan’s furniture manufacturers are known for their craftsmanship, use of quality materials, and contemporary designs. The city’s furniture products are in high demand both domestically and internationally, with a significant portion being exported to different global markets.

In terms of export, Foshan plays a significant role in China’s overall export industry. The city’s product clusters, including ceramics, furniture, contribute substantially to the country’s export volume. Foshan’s manufacturers have established trade networks and partnerships with buyers and distributors worldwide, enabling them to reach a global customer base. The city’s export-oriented approach, coupled with its focus on quality and innovation, has propelled its products to international markets, making Foshan an important player in China’s export landscape.


  1. Sofa
  2. Dining table
  3. Bed
  4. Coffee table
  5. Wardrobe
  6. Bookshelf
  7. TV stand
  8. Armchair
  9. Desk
  10. Dresser
  11. Nightstand
  12. Sectional sofa
  13. Recliner chair
  14. Ottoman
  15. Sideboard
  16. Console table
  17. Vanity table
  18. Accent chair
  19. End table
  20. Chest of drawers
  21. Bunk bed
  22. Kitchen island
  23. Bar stools
  24. Buffet table
  25. Office chair
  26. Computer desk
  27. Rocking chair
  28. Chaise lounge
  29. Futon
  30. Display cabinet
  31. Wine bar cabinet
  32. Bar mirror with shelves
  33. Bar table set
  34. Bar backrest stool
  35. Liquor cabinet
  36. Pool table
  37. Foosball table
  38. Dartboard cabinet
  39. Arcade machine
  40. Poker table
  41. Study desk
  42. Ergonomic chair
  43. Bookshelf desk combo
  44. Task lamp
  45. Whiteboard or corkboard
  46. Dog bed
  47. Cat tree
  48. Pet crate
  49. Pet stairs
  50. Birdcage
  51. Outdoor cushions
  52. Patio heater
  53. Outdoor rug
  54. Planters
  55. Outdoor lighting fixtures
  56. Treadmill
  57. Exercise bike
  58. Weight bench
  59. Dumbbell set
  60. Yoga mat
  61. Sofa bed
  62. Convertible coffee table
  63. Murphy bed with desk
  64. Expandable dining table
  65. Ottoman with storage
  66. Play kitchen
  67. Activity table
  68. Toy storage organizer
  69. Kids’ easel
  70. Play tent
  71. Vanity mirror with lights
  72. Makeup vanity table
  73. Dressing room wardrobe
  74. Clothing rack
  75. Vanity stool
  76. Antique secretary desk
  77. Vintage sideboard
  78. Retro armchair
  79. Mid-century modern credenza
  80. Antique vanity dresser
  81. Rattan chair
  82. Wicker sofa
  83. Sunroom dining set
  84. Sun lounger
  85. Plant stands
  86. Reading chair
  87. Library ladder
  88. Book display shelves
  89. Reading nook bench
  90. Cozy armchair and ottoman
  91. Reception desk
  92. Guest chairs
  93. Coffee table
  94. Magazine rack
  95. Waiting room sofa
  96. Booth seating
  97. Bar stools
  98. Table tops and bases
  99. Banquette seating
  100. High chairs


  1. Chef’s knife
  2. Cutting board
  3. Mixing bowls
  4. Measuring cups and spoons
  5. Blender
  6. Stand mixer
  7. Food processor
  8. Toaster
  9. Coffee maker
  10. Electric kettle
  11. Slow cooker
  12. Rice cooker
  13. Pressure cooker
  14. Dutch oven
  15. Non-stick frying pan
  16. Cast iron skillet
  17. Saucepan
  18. Stockpot
  19. Baking sheet
  20. Casserole dish
  21. Roasting pan
  22. Kitchen scale
  23. Can opener
  24. Vegetable peeler
  25. Grater
  26. Colander
  27. Mixing spoons
  28. Spatula
  29. Tongs
  30. Whisk
  31. Oven mitts
  32. Apron
  33. Kitchen timer
  34. Salt and pepper grinders
  35. Spice rack
  36. Cutting shears
  37. Knife sharpener
  38. Citrus juicer
  39. Garlic press
  40. Pastry brush
  41. Rolling pin
  42. Cookie cutters
  43. Cooling rack
  44. Muffin tin
  45. Piping bags and tips
  46. Salad spinner
  47. Mandoline slicer
  48. Pizza stone
  49. Bread machine
  50. Tea infuser
  51. Canisters
  52. Food storage containers
  53. Lunch boxes
  54. Ice cream maker
  55. Waffle maker
  56. Electric grill
  57. Popcorn maker
  58. Sushi making kit
  59. Mortar and pestle
  60. Cheese grater
  61. Egg slicer
  62. Milk frother
  63. Kitchen torch
  64. Thermometer
  65. Jar opener
  66. Egg poacher
  67. Food dehydrator
  68. Pasta maker
  69. Meat tenderizer
  70. Kitchen scissors
  71. Herb scissors
  72. Butter dish
  73. Oil and vinegar dispensers
  74. Knife block set
  75. Cutting board set
  76. Pots and pans set
  77. Utensil set
  78. Baking set
  79. Cookware organizer
  80. Sink strainer
  81. Dish rack
  82. Dish drying mat
  83. Trash can
  84. Recycling bin
  85. Paper towel holder
  86. Spice grinder
  87. Oil mister
  88. Coffee grinder
  89. Tea kettle
  90. Blender bottle
  91. Egg cooker
  92. Salad dressing shaker
  93. Steamer basket
  94. Food chopper
  95. Milkshake maker
  96. Nutcracker
  97. Measuring pitcher
  98. Lemon squeezer
  99. Oven thermometer
  100. Spoon rest


  1. Entry door
  2. Interior door
  3. French door
  4. Sliding door
  5. Pocket door
  6. Barn door
  7. Dutch door
  8. Bi-fold door
  9. Folding door
  10. Garage door
  11. Patio door
  12. Glass door
  13. Panel door
  14. Flush door
  15. Fire-rated door
  16. Solid wood door
  17. Hollow core door
  18. Louvered door
  19. Pantry door
  20. Storm door
  21. Security door
  22. Screen door
  23. Revolving door
  24. Automatic door
  25. Custom door
  26. Soundproof door
  27. Exterior door
  28. Double door
  29. Sliding barn door
  30. Iron door
  31. Pivot door
  32. Dutch pocket door
  33. Glass panel door
  34. Accordion door
  35. Mirrored door
  36. Garage side door
  37. French patio door
  38. Pocket glass door
  39. Glass garage door
  40. Pocket screen door
  41. French closet door
  42. Flush panel door
  43. Folding patio door
  44. Pocket French door
  45. Sliding glass wall
  46. Hidden pocket door
  47. Entry door with sidelights
  48. Stained glass door
  49. Glass pantry door
  50. Pocket accordion door


  1. Casement window
  2. Double-hung window
  3. Awning window
  4. Slider window
  5. Picture window
  6. Bay window
  7. Bow window
  8. Skylight window
  9. Transom window
  10. Garden window
  11. Arched window
  12. Stationary window
  13. Egress window
  14. Jalousie window
  15. Palladian window
  16. Sash window
  17. Hopper window
  18. Fixed window
  19. Clerestory window
  20. Circular window
  21. Corner window
  22. Round window
  23. Translucent window
  24. Tilt and turn window
  25. Stained glass window
  26. Frosted window
  27. Sliding glass window
  28. Louvered window
  29. Picture casement window
  30. Skylight roof window
  31. French casement window
  32. Arched casement window
  33. Sliding picture window
  34. Bay casement window
  35. Bow casement window
  36. Corner casement window
  37. Picture slider window
  38. Double-hung picture window
  39. Awning picture window
  40. Bay picture window
  41. Hopper picture window
  42. Circular picture window
  43. Transom picture window
  44. Skylight picture window
  45. Palladian picture window
  46. Fixed picture window
  47. Stained glass picture window
  48. Sliding awning window
  49. Transom awning window
  50. Bay awning window

Tiles and bathroom fixtures

  1. Ceramic tiles
  2. Porcelain tiles
  3. Glass tiles
  4. Mosaic tiles
  5. Subway tiles
  6. Marble tiles
  7. Granite tiles
  8. Travertine tiles
  9. Slate tiles
  10. Terracotta tiles
  11. Vinyl tiles
  12. Cork tiles
  13. Pebble tiles
  14. Metal tiles
  15. Wood-look tiles
  16. Hexagonal tiles
  17. Patterned tiles
  18. Matte tiles
  19. Glossy tiles
  20. Wall tiles
  21. Floor tiles
  22. Bathroom vanities
  23. Shower heads
  24. Bathtubs
  25. Toilets
  26. Bathroom faucets
  27. Bathroom sinks
  28. Shower enclosures
  29. Towel racks
  30. Soap dispensers
  31. Toilet paper holders
  32. Mirrors
  33. Medicine cabinets
  34. Shower curtains
  35. Shower mats
  36. Bath rugs
  37. Bathroom storage cabinets
  38. Vanity lights
  39. Exhaust fans
  40. Bathroom scales
  41. Bidets
  42. Shower caddies
  43. Towel bars
  44. Robe hooks
  45. Shower doors
  46. Toilet seats
  47. Grab bars
  48. Bathroom shelves
  49. Toilet brush holders
  50. Shower panels
  51. Bathroom mirrors with lights
  52. Vanity tops
  53. Vessel sinks
  54. Pedestal sinks
  55. Undermount sinks
  56. Drop-in sinks
  57. Freestanding bathtubs
  58. Jacuzzi tubs
  59. Corner showers
  60. Rainfall showerheads
  61. Handheld showerheads
  62. Bidet faucets
  63. LED bathroom mirrors
  64. Bathroom countertops
  65. Bathroom backsplashes
  66. Heated towel racks
  67. Wall-mounted vanities
  68. Inset tile niches
  69. Digital showers
  70. Clawfoot tubs
  71. Wall-hung toilets
  72. Floating vanities
  73. Waterfall faucets
  74. Walk-in showers
  75. Steam showers
  76. Tile edging strips
  77. Shower benches
  78. Acrylic tubs
  79. Freestanding sinks
  80. Mirror cabinets
  81. Frameless shower screens
  82. Shower filters
  83. Anti-fog mirrors
  84. Non-slip bath mats
  85. Dual-flush toilets
  86. Wall-mounted soap dishes
  87. Ceramic toothbrush holders
  88. Toilet roll stands
  89. Countertop basins
  90. Integrated basin and countertop units
  91. Wall-mounted towel warmers
  92. Electric showers
  93. Rain shower systems
  94. Shower grab bars
  95. Corner bathtubs
  96. Backlit mirrors
  97. Linear drains
  98. Tile grout
  99. Waterproofing membranes
  100. Bathroom ceiling panels

Foshan Sourcing Services: Your Gateway to Quality Products

When it comes to sourcing high-quality products from Foshan, we create value for you in the following aspects

Extensive Local Network and Expertise

We possess an extensive network of suppliers and manufacturers within the city.

Our in-depth knowledge of the local market helps to identify reliable suppliers that meet your specific product requirements.

Supplier Verification and Quality Assurance

Partnering with us eliminates the risks associated with dealing directly with suppliers. 

We perform on-site inspections, factory audits, and quality control checks to ensure that the products adhere to your specifications, saving you valuable time and resources.

Product Customization and Innovation

We understand the importance of product customization and innovation to meet the evolving demands of global markets.

We can assist you in finding suppliers who can customize products to your specifications. Whether it’s unique designs, materials, or finishes, allowing you to differentiate your offerings in the market.

Cost Efficiency and Negotiation

We have a deep understanding of the local pricing structures, production processes, and industry dynamics.

We leverage our negotiation skills to secure competitive prices.

We have the expertise to identify cost-saving opportunities and recommend alternative suppliers or materials without compromising product quality.

Logistics and Export Assistance

Navigating international logistics and export procedures can be complex.

We have experience in handling export processes and can assist you with logistics, shipping, and customs requirements.

We ensure that your products are packaged, labeled, and shipped efficiently, minimizing the risk of delays or complications during transportation.

Product Inspection and Container Loading

Looking for products from Foshan, China?