China Sourcing Agent

One-stop services, from sourcing to delivery, as your optimal supply chain.

What is Swift Horse Sourcing?

Swift Horse Sourcing is a China Sourcing Agent that makes it easy for you to import products from China with a full chain service from product sourcing to delivery to your door.


From Sourcing to Delivery to Your Door

We help you source products and suppliers, follow up orders, arrange shipment and delivery to your warehouse.

You don't need any experience to import from China and create your own business buying from China and selling online or in offline stores.

collect Products

Collect Products from Your Suppliers

We coordinate the collection of your products from different suppliers and ship to you in one shipment.

Save cost on multiple international shipping orders. Plus, we can also check the quantity and quality, and find solutions in case there are issues with the products.

Entrepreneurs and Importers are Happy with Swift Horse Sourcing

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