Buying Furniture from China: A Complete Guide

Did you know that China is a huge part of the world’s furniture imports, making up nearly 40%? It’s the top supplier of furniture globally, even beating Germany and Italy.

China furniture export data
Data source: Statista

With over 10,000 factories, China offers a wide range of styles and customization options.

This makes importing furniture from China a top choice for homes and businesses.

This guide will cover why buying furniture from China is a smart move.

We’ll look into the best places in China for furniture production and give tips on how to buy furniture from China.

Whether you’re an importer, store owner or just looking for the perfect piece, China has great options that are both stylish and affordable.

Swift Horse Sourcing, a trusted company in Foshan, China, will help you every step of the way. We aim to make your furniture buying experience easy, efficient, and rewarding.

Why Buying Furniture from China?

Importing furniture from China is popular among businesses and individuals. They want to save money without losing quality.

China offers great opportunities for those in the global furniture trade.

Lower Prices and Higher Quality

One big reason to import furniture from China is the low prices.

Chinese makers make high-quality furniture at low costs. This is due to their efficient ways, skilled workers, and cheap materials.

This lets businesses keep prices competitive without losing quality and it helps increase profits.

Chinese furniture makers have also improved their products’ quality.

They use modern equipment and follow strict quality checks. This ensures their furniture meets or beats European standards.

The quality and low prices make importing furniture from China a good choice for businesses.

Wide Range of Styles and Designs

China offers a huge variety of furniture styles and designs. You can find everything from traditional to modern pieces. This lets importers match furniture with their customers’ tastes.

China’s furniture industry is also flexible.

Manufacturers work with clients to create custom designs. This lets businesses offer unique furniture, making them stand out and build loyalty.

Swift Horse Sourcing, a renowned furniture sourcing company based in Foshan, China, has been instrumental in helping businesses navigate the complex landscape of China furniture industry. With their expertise and extensive network of reliable manufacturers, Swift Horse Sourcing simplifies the process of importing high-quality furniture from China, ensuring a seamless and profitable experience for their clients.”

Importing furniture from China has many benefits. You get low prices, high quality, and a wide range of styles.

With companies like Swift Horse Sourcing and knowledge of China’s furniture trade, businesses can grow and make more profit.

Understanding China’s Furniture-Producing Regions

China is a big place with many furniture-making areas, each with its own special things. Knowing these places is key when you’re looking to buy furniture from China. It helps you find the best places for what you need and makes shipping easier. Let’s explore the main furniture-making areas in China.

Pearl River Delta Region

Guangdong is known for its top-notch manufacturing and strong focus on exports. Cities like Foshan and Dongguan are big names in making dining furniture, flat-packed furniture, and general furniture. Companies like Swift Horse Sourcing in Foshan help businesses with furniture sourcing and shipping from China, making it smooth and efficient.

Yangtze River Delta Region

The Yangtze River Delta Region covers Shanghai, Zhejiang, and Jiangsu provinces. It’s a big part of China’s furniture production, making up about one-third of it. This area has many manufacturers offering different styles and prices. Its good infrastructure and close to big ports make it great for businesses wanting easy furniture shipping from China.

Bohai Sea Region

The Bohai Sea Region in northeastern China has a long history of making furniture. It’s especially good at making glass and metal furniture. Cities like Tianjin and Dalian are key places for furniture production here, offering products for both the Chinese and international markets. Working with experienced partners can make furniture shipping from China smoother when dealing with suppliers here.

Getting to know these four main furniture-making regions in China will help you make better choices and manage your furniture shipping from China better. Whether you want the best deals, the widest variety, or the easiest shipping, knowing what each region offers can help you meet your goals.

Top Furniture Markets in China

Looking to visit China China to buy furniture? Check out the country’s top furniture markets for great deals and a wide selection. These markets have everything from stylish to simple furniture at various prices. They’re perfect for anyone wanting to buy furniture from China.

Foshan Lecong Furniture Market

In Foshan, Guangdong Province, the Lecong Furniture Market is a giant. It has over 5,000 shops covering nearly all types of furniture, including office furniture, home furniture, hotel furniture, outdoor furniture etc. It’s the NO. 1 spot for those wanting to buy furniture from China. You’ll find furniture for every taste and budget here.

Check out the list of popular furniture wholesale markets in Foshan and Guangzhou.

Likou Furniture Market

The Likou Furniture Market is in Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, and it’s huge. With 3,000 furniture shops and 10 malls, it’s a great choice if you’re not going to Lecong. It offers a wide variety of furniture styles, making it popular with buyers worldwide.

Xianghe Furniture Market

The Xianghe Furniture Market in Hebei Province is China’s second-biggest. It has 5,000 brands and 1,500 showrooms, drawing in 7 million visitors a year. You’ll find everything from traditional to modern furniture here, making it easy to find what you need.

Swift Horse Sourcing, a furniture sourcing company based in Foshan, China, specializes in helping international buyers navigate these top furniture markets and find the best deals on high-quality furniture pieces.

Here are some tips for visiting these markets:

  • Do your homework before you go to know what furniture they offer and their prices.
  • Be ready to negotiate to get the best prices and terms.

By visiting these top furniture markets in China and using companies like Swift Horse Sourcing, you can import quality furniture at good prices.

Finding Reliable Furniture Manufacturers

Finding reliable furniture manufacturers in China is key for a smooth import process. Sites like,, and Global Sources connect importers with verified suppliers. These platforms offer quality products at good prices. Doing thorough research on these sites helps importers find trustworthy partners. is the biggest B2B directory for China-based manufacturers. It has a wide range of furniture and lets buyers check suppliers by their capital, certificates, and product reports. This helps importers find reliable partners who focus on quality.

Since 1998, has been a top B2B platform known for quality products and suppliers. It has detailed profiles, product listings, and reviews to help importers make good choices. The site’s focus on verifying suppliers makes it great for finding reliable furniture makers.

Global Sources

Global Sources helps importers connect with verified furniture manufacturers in Greater China. They organize trade shows in Hong Kong and work with other exhibitions for face-to-face meetings with suppliers. Their online tools and strict supplier check make sure importers find partners who value quality.

Importers can also work with furniture sourcing companies like Swift Horse Sourcing.

PlatformKey FeaturesBenefits for Importers
Alibaba.comWide range of furniture categories, supplier verification, product test reportsAccess to a vast network of verified suppliers, ensuring quality control for Chinese furniture
Made-in-China.comDetailed company profiles, product listings, supplier reviewsInformed decision-making based on comprehensive supplier information and emphasis on quality control
Global SourcesExport sourcing shows, online sourcing tools, robust supplier verificationOpportunities for face-to-face interactions with suppliers and access to verified partners prioritizing quality control

Using these trusted sites and working with experienced companies helps importers succeed in the Chinese furniture market. They can find reliable manufacturers who focus on quality.

How to Buy Furniture from China

Buying wholesale furniture from China has several key steps for a smooth transaction. These steps help you find reliable suppliers, get competitive quotes, and secure the best deals for your business.

Researching Potential Suppliers

Start by finding reputable manufacturers and suppliers. Attend trade shows like the China International Furniture Fair (CIFF) or the Guangzhou International Furniture Exhibition. These events let you meet suppliers, see their products, and start relationships.

Online B2B marketplaces like or Global Sources are also good options. They let you search for suppliers by product type, region, and more. Make sure to check supplier profiles for their history, reviews, and certifications to ensure they’re trustworthy.

Requesting Quotes and Samples

After finding potential suppliers, ask for detailed quotes and product samples. Provide them with specific product details like dimensions, materials, finishes, and quantities. This helps them give you accurate pricing and delivery times.

Before a big order, always ask for product samples. This lets you check the furniture’s quality, craftsmanship, and look. Even though samples might cost a bit, they’re worth it to make sure the products are what you expect.

Swift Horse Sourcing, a furniture sourcing company in Foshan, China, stresses the importance of requesting samples. “We always encourage our clients to request samples before placing an order,” says a company representative. “It gives them the chance to see and feel the furniture quality and make changes before a big purchase.”

Negotiating Prices and Terms

When negotiating with Chinese furniture suppliers, consider these factors:

  • Minimum Order Quantities (MOQs): Suppliers often have MOQs that affect prices. Talk about MOQs and see if they fit your needs and budget.
  • Production Lead Times: Making furniture can take weeks or months, depending on the product and supplier’s capacity. Talk about lead times and plan accordingly.
  • Payment Terms: Suppliers usually ask for a deposit (often 30%) before starting production, with the rest due before shipping. Some may offer better terms for big orders or long-term deals.

For your protection, consider a written contract with the supplier. It should cover prices, quantities, lead times, payment terms, and other important details. A clear contract helps avoid misunderstandings and disputes later on.

Visit trade showsGo to events like CIFF or the Guangzhou International Furniture Exhibition to meet suppliers and see their products.
Utilize online marketplacesLook for suppliers on platforms like or Global Sources, checking their profiles and trading history carefully.
Request product samplesGet samples from suppliers to check the furniture’s quality and look before a big order.
Negotiate prices and termsTalk about MOQs, lead times, and payment terms with suppliers to match your needs and budget.
Create a written contractMake a detailed contract with the supplier to protect your interests and prevent misunderstandings.

By following these steps and working with trusted suppliers like Swift Horse Sourcing, you can confidently buy wholesale furniture from China. This way, you get the best products for your business.

Quality Control and Inspection

Importing furniture from China requires a strong quality control process. This ensures customer satisfaction and protects your business’s reputation. It means checking that products match your quality standards at different production stages.

To keep up quality control, think about inspecting at these stages:

  • Pre-production inspections to check raw materials and parts
  • In-process inspections to keep an eye on quality and spot problems early
  • Final inspections before shipping to make sure products are up to your standards

Using a third-party inspection company or a factory representative can help with quality checks. Swift Horse Sourcing, a furniture sourcing company in Foshan, China, offers quality control services for importers.

It’s key to have clear quality standards and share them with your supplier. This helps avoid problems and keeps quality consistent across all orders.

When controlling quality for Chinese furniture, look at these factors:

MaterialsMake sure the furniture uses the right materials and parts
WorkmanshipCheck for good construction, finishing, and detail
DimensionsEnsure the furniture is the right size and fits the required tolerances
FunctionalityTest how the furniture works, like drawers, doors, and mechanisms
PackagingCheck that the furniture is packed well to prevent damage in shipping

With a detailed quality control process and reliable suppliers, you can make sure the furniture from China meets your standards. This way, it will also meet your customers’ expectations.

Shipping and Logistics

Importing furniture from China means you need to focus on shipping and logistics. This ensures your items arrive safely and on time. It’s important to work with a reliable freight forwarder. They can help with shipping methods, terms, and the documents you need.

Choosing the Right Shipping Method

Choosing the right shipping method depends on your budget, timeline, and how much you’re ordering. You have a few options:

  • Sea Freight: Great for large shipments but takes longer
  • Air Freight: Faster but costs more, good for small orders or urgent deliveries
  • Rail Freight: A good mix of cost and speed, perfect for deliveries to Europe or Central Asia

Talk to your freight forwarder to find the best shipping method for your needs.

Understanding Incoterms

Incoterms are standardized shipping terms that outline the responsibilities of buyers and sellers. Knowing these terms helps ensure a smooth shipping process. They help avoid misunderstandings with your supplier. Here are some common Incoterms for shipping furniture from China:

  • EXW (Ex Works): The seller delivers the goods at their premises, and the buyer takes over from there
  • FOB (Free on Board): The seller delivers the goods to the port, and the buyer pays for costs and risks after that
  • CIF (Cost, Insurance, and Freight): The seller pays for costs, freight, and insurance to the port of destination, covering the buyer’s risk of loss or damage

Customs Clearance and Documentation

Getting customs clearance and the right documents is key to avoid delays and extra costs. Work with your freight forwarder to make sure everything is done right and on time. You’ll need documents like:

  • Commercial Invoice
  • Packing List
  • Bill of Lading (for sea freight) or Airway Bill (for air freight)
  • Certificate of Origin
  • Fumigation Certificate (for wooden furniture)

Your freight forwarder can help you with customs clearance and any specific rules or regulations. With their help and your knowledge of shipping best practices, importing furniture from China can be smoother and more successful.


Importing furniture from China can be rewarding for both businesses and individuals. It offers high-quality furniture at great prices. By knowing where furniture is made in China, like Lecong, Likou, and Xianghe, we can shop with confidence. Sites like,, and Global Sources make it easy to find reliable suppliers.

For a successful import, doing your homework is key. Check quality, manage shipping, and negotiate prices. Working with pros like Swift Horse Sourcing in Foshan helps reduce risks and increase benefits.

Wish you all the best and feel free to reach out to us.

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