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About us

Swift Horse Sourcing is the sourcing service devision of Foshan Swift Horse Translation Co., Ltd, a team of passionate, experienced, and dedicated interpreters and sourcing agents from across China.

Our team is located in Foshan, but we also have a large remote network of sourcing agents, and it is our advantage to unite local assistants in different cities, for different products and work towards a common goal of maximizing efficiency and minimizing cost for our customers. 




Foshan, CN







Leon Liang

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How We Work at Swift Horse Sourcing

Apart from how a sourcing company usually works, we’re capable of sourcing products efficiently from different areas of China. Members from different cities are responsible for projects in those areas. For us, everything is localized and that drastically reduces costs and improves efficiency for our customers.

No matter where your supplier is located, or where they are located, our presence makes it practical for your businesses, even if your suppliers are scattered in different parts of China.