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Swift Horse Sourcing does all that's needed for your sourcing from China demands. Whether you just started out or you are an expert already, Swift Horse Sourcing can enhance your business to the next level.

1. Product Sourcing

Swift Horse Sourcing sources and accumulates good suppliers of various products.

After receiving your sourcing request, we’ll search our supplier database for the best possible candidates. 

In cases where your products are not on our record, we’ll source your product within our network of 1500+ resourceful partners, search online and visit wholesale markets and factories for the best price and quality products.

source factory

2. Sampling

Swift Horse Sourcing helps you with collecting samples from different suppliers, make initial judgement on the quality and packaging, pack them well and send it to you to control the shipping cost to the lowest point.

We also communicate with factories to customize the sample as per your requests. You’ll only need to cover the sampling and shipping fee. All our negotiation, suggestion and follow up are free of charge.

3. Order Follow Up

Placing an order is just the start and there can be unexpected problems, errors and mistakes during the process.

We follow up orders proactively before and during production to best control the lead time and avoid delay. This also helps avoid unexpected problems that may be too late to fix after everything is produced.

We’ll also keep you posted of the latest process so you’re synced with the status of production.

follow up
quality inspection

4. Quality Check

Swift Horse Sourcing will carry out a quality check of the finished products as a necessary procedure. Depending on different products, packaging and customer requirements, the number of products checked may vary. 

We’ll also generate a QC report for your review. In case we detect problems, we’ll notify you and negotiate with the factory for solutions and or compensations.

5. Shipping Arrangement

Shipping and delivery is an important and complicated factor of import businesses as it relates to not only shipping, but also customs clearance in both countries.

Whether you need FCL, LCL, air freight, sea freight, express shipping like DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT, we get good rates from our long time cooperated shipping forwarders. 

We’ll also coordinate with different suppliers to have the goods ready at the right time and right place for loading.


6. After Sales Support

Swift Horse Sourcing attaches great importance to customers’ total satisfaction and after sales support is an important part of that.

If you have any problem or negative feedback from your customers, we’ll help feedback to the factory and negotiate for solutions. 

Everything in China is Taken Care of. Spend Your Time on Your Sales Market.

Why Should You Work with Swift Horse Sourcing?​


It’s safe to work with us. 

We don’t charge upfront fees unlike some other agents. You don’t need to pay a penny to get the best quotes.

It’s simple to work with us.

All you need to get started is letting us know what you need, the quantity and any other requirements you may have. We’ll then work on the rest and guide you through the way, until delivery.

It’s efficient to work with us.

For most products, we can source suppliers and send you quotations in two working days. For customized products, we’ll also try our best to get quotes in the shortest time possible.

It’s pleasant to work with us.

Communication with us is easy, comfortable and pleasant thanks to our team of excellent English and Chinese speakers. You can hardly enjoy this with others, not even close.

It’s cost effective to work with us.

By paying minimal service fee, you enjoy the best sourcing service throughout the whole process.

Leon went above and beyond helping us with everything. I would recommend Leon, he is a wonderful person and will be a great help in any negotiations.
Allen 510x510 1
President of D & P Enterprises

Who Can Benefit from Swift Horse Sourcing



It's not easy to start a business, especially importing from China. We help you with everything in China and you can focus on your sales channels.


Established Businesses

Even if you have your suppliers already, we can still be of great value for you with our services and resources.


E-commerce Sellers

If you are selling on Amazon, Ebay or your physical store, we can source products for you, customize labelling and prep FBA, so your goods are ready for sale.

Help us spread the word

Leon is such a big help in terms of helping me find products with good prices and quality. I wish you could try working with him and hope it will be successful towards the end.
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CEO @Glassbox

Frequently Asked Questions About Swift Horse Sourcing

Please read through the questions and answers below. If your question is not listed, please email us: [email protected].

  • Source products and suppliers
  • Collect samples and send them to you
  • Price negotiation
  • Order follow-up
  • Quality check
  • Shipping arrangement
  • Supplier coordination
  • After sales service

We have 2 plans, please choose one you prefer. 

We’re experienced sourcing agents that will optimize your supply chain. Plus, we’re trusted by customers worldwide and we can provide references to you if you need.

Yes. Our advantage is that we have a large network of experienced agents who join us remotely and provide service locally. This makes it possible for us to coordinate your suppliers, even if they’re thousands of miles away from each other.

We accept bank transfer (T/T), PayPal, Payoneer, Western Union etc.

With our SwiftSupply plan, we do not expose our supplier information; with our SwiftAgent plan, you use your own suppliers and we only provide services.

Yes. If you have your own suppliers, our SwiftAgent plan is right for you. Check more details here.

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