Foshan Office Furniture One-Stop Supply

Foshan is the largest office furniture manufacturing center and it has the largest amount of office furniture manufacturers in China.

And if you’re in the office furniture business but are not buying from Foshan yet, you can be losing profit.

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In this post, I’ll share with you everything you need to know to start or improve your office furniture supply chain from Foshan, China.

And without further ado, let’s get started.

Why choose Foshan as your one-stop office furniture purchasing destination?

When we buy furniture, or anything, we want to avoid buying from vendors that are far from each other.

It makes sense as it saves time and money for transportation, order follow up, inspection, everything.

But it’s not always possible.

Luckily, Foshan has a full industrial chain in the office furniture industry in Lecong, Shunde that allows us to find anything related to office furniture.

Complete product range

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All office furniture items you need can be found in Foshan furniture wholesale markets, more specifically,

  • Desk
  • Chair
  • File Cabinet
  • Bookcase
  • Conference Table
  • Office Cubicles
  • Office Chair Mat
  • Shelving Unit
  • Filing Cabinet
  • Whiteboard/Whiteboard Wall
  • Printer Stand
  • Trash Bin
  • Bulletin Board
  • Monitor Stand
  • Reception Desk
  • Sofa/Seating Area
  • Credenza
  • Conference Room Chairs
  • Executive Desk
  • Ergonomic Chair
  • Meeting Table
  • Side Table
  • Waiting Room Chairs
  • Modular Furniture
  • Office Workstation
  • Standing Desk
  • Lounge Chair
  • Coffee Table
  • And a lot more

And if you have your own designs, furniture manufacturers in Foshan can customize as to your requirements.

Competitive prices

Foshan is famous for furniture, and the good prices are a big factor, thanks to its advantages in the following aspects.

Economies of Scale:

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  • High Concentration of Manufacturers: Foshan boasts over 5,000 furniture factories, creating intense competition and driving down production costs.
  • Bulk Purchasing Power: With such a large concentration, factories can buy raw materials in bulk at significantly lower prices, further reducing overall costs.

Cost-Effective Production:

furniture machinery
  • Skilled Workforce: Foshan has a vast pool of skilled laborers accustomed to furniture production, allowing for efficient workflows and reduced labor costs.
  • Advanced Technology: Many factories utilize advanced machinery and automation, increasing production output and minimizing resource waste.

Logistical Advantages:

  • Efficient Transportation Network: Foshan’s central location and well-developed infrastructure, including air, sea, and rail links, offer easy and cost-effective transportation of furniture to international markets.
  • Vertical Integration: Many sourcing companies, including SwiftHorse Sourcing, handle production and logistics within their own operations, streamlining processes and minimizing overhead costs.

Any quality levels

quality levels

Foshan’s furniture quality landscape is diverse and complex, offering different options at different price points to cater to different needs.

Whether you’re looking for high-end, medium-end or cheap, low-end furniture, you can find it in Foshan.

High-End Quality:

high end furniture
  • Top manufacturers: Renowned brands and factories producing for luxury and international markets.
  • Materials: Premium woods, leathers, fabrics, and other high-quality components.
  • Craftsmanship: Meticulous attention to detail, precise joinery, and expert finishing.
  • Price: Premium, comparable to furniture made in Western countries.

Mid-Range Quality:

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  • Established manufacturers: Factories with reputable brands and solid track records.
  • Materials: Good quality woods, fabrics, and other components with reliable performance.
  • Craftsmanship: Skilled workmanship and attention to detail, ensuring durability and functionality.
  • Price: Moderate, offering a balance between quality and affordability.

Budget-Friendly Quality:

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  • Smaller factories and workshops: Targeting cost-conscious buyers and large quantity orders.
  • Materials: Often use cost-effective materials like composites, laminates, and basic fabrics.
  • Craftsmanship: Basic functionality and construction, focusing on affordability over intricate details.
  • Price: Low, making it attractive for price-sensitive buyers.

Buy stock or order with short lead time

furniture stock

In the furniture wholesale markets, you can find hundreds, if not thousands, of shops for office furniture.

Some shops are directly owned by factories, while some are only wholesalers that buy from furniture factories.

For common designs, they usually produce some stock so that they can sell it to domestic and international buyers right away when the customer needs stock only.

For some designs, they only show a sample in their store. And when you order, they can produce in 2-15 days for most items.

If you have your own design or if you need to make modifications to their existing samples, they can also tailor for you.

The general lead time for bulk production is usually around 30 days for your own designs, counting from the day all details are confirmed and deposit payment (usually 50% of order amount) is paid.

Efficient logistics system

In Foshan, there are thousands of logistics companies that cater to all transportation needs.

Since furniture is quite heavy and takes up a lot of space, it’s usually shipped by sea.

For bulk orders, factories can book containers from Guangzhou, Nansha and Shenzhen ports and load the products directly in the factories, then have them shipped globally.

For stock purchases, shop vendors will usually book from Huolala who can load the products from the vendor’s warehouse and deliver them to our warehouse almost instantly after we pay.

The speed and efficiency are unbeatable “China speed”.

The difficulties of buying office furniture from multiple vendors

sourcing furniture challenges

Given all the advantages Foshan offers, when purchasing office furniture, you may still face challenges.

The most common ones include:

You can’t find the products you need in the market

Foshan has several wholesale markets, just for furniture. It’s a huge place and you need to spend weeks, if not months, exploring the whole area.

And to make things worse, even though the wholesale markets are gradually organizing the different sections for different styles of furniture, it’s not perfect yet.

You will find different furniture, like hotel furniture, home furniture or office furniture, in the same area, which isn’t easy for visitors to navigate.

And most of the time, you’re just betting on luck.

You can’t communicate with the vendors clearly due to language barriers

If luckily, you find shops for your preferred furniture, communication may become another layer of challenge.

The fact is: most vendors don’t speak English. Some of them speak basic English like “Hello, how are you?” and then they will start using a calculator to show you the price of your chosen items.

If you know exactly what you need and you’re an expert in what you’re buying, then knowing the price is good enough.

But more often than not, you want to ask more questions, like the materials, finishing techniques, if they can change part of the design as per your liking, and all the details etc. That’s when the conversation stops.

Because they can’t understand it.

You can’t make RMB payments to vendors

Another important point is payment.

In China, RMB is the only official currency and that even though USD cash is accepted by some shops, they still need to exchange it to RMB with private exchangers, which is like a grey area that sellers try to avoid.

But again, you can’t carry much cash either.

So, for security and convenience considerations, it’s better to make wire transfer to one agent in China and have them pay different vendors in RMB.

And that’s the way many businesses are following.

You don’t have a trustworthy contact to provide you with a warehouse for collecting and shipping products

More often than not, you will find different products from different shops that you want to buy.

But how to collect them becomes another question.

The shops won’t help you collect products from other shops, because 1) it’s an extra labor cost for them and 2) they want to avoid getting involved in unnecessary hassles.

You’ll need someone who can provide you with a warehouse that you can ask all shops to send their products and combine them in a container for shipping.

And equally importantly, you need to make sure this person is trustworthy.

How our office furniture one-stop supply solves the problem

one stop supply

In today’s fast-paced global business environment, navigating the complexities of foreign sourcing can be overwhelming.

At Swift Horse Sourcing, we take the sting out of procurement, specializing in connecting international buyers with the perfect office furniture solutions.

Our "One-Stop Supply" approach eliminates the hassle of juggling multiple vendors and simplifies the entire process, saving you time, money, and headaches.

Whether you’re buying furniture for reselling, outfitting a brand-new startup or refreshing the workspaces of a multinational corporation, we understand that every office has unique needs.

We’re not just furniture suppliers; we want to be your trusted partners, dedicated to finding furniture that matches your budget, brand identity, and vision for a productive and inspiring work environment.

We know the market

For stock products:

We visit all the wholesale markets frequently and we can find the products our customers need in one day in most cases.

All you need to do is send us the product photos and requirements, and we’ll find good vendors very fast.

For customized furniture:

We know many direct factories of various kinds of furniture that can OEM as per your design.

Some can also provide ODM services.

With us, when you send us your inquiry, this is already 50% of the task done.

We know where the shops are, who the factories are and we will match your inquiry with our database of vendors in no time.

This is our advantage as a local agent.

We eliminate language barriers and payment issues

As a Foshan sourcing company, we are local Chinese who speak fluent English.

We understand your requirements, we understand the products offered by vendors and we make sure you, the vendor and us are all clear with the order details.

RMB payment is never a problem for us as we are just making domestic transactions with all the vendors.

We can accept USD payment from you via bank transfer, Payoneer, PayPal etc., which completes the whole transaction process for you.

It’s legal, safe and efficient to transact with us.

We offer one-month free warehousing for you

It’s not easy to find a good warehousing supplier to collect products.

One the one hand, it takes time to find one that really focuses on furniture; on the other hand, if they only provide warehousing services, they will charge you for sure.

Plus, you want to work with someone who is professional and easy to talk to.

That’s why we bundle this service in our one-stop supply, to improve customer experience and increase our efficiency.

With us, you enjoy one-month free warehousing, so there’s time to wait for all suppliers to ship their products to us, without adding a financial burden to you.

Why we’re a great choice for you

mutual trust

I wouldn’t want to underestimate or brag about our capabilities.

Before all the above-mentioned capabilities we have, we want to be nice people that you feel safe and pleasant working with.

Business is built on trust.

And trust is built on integrity, competence and attitude.

No one is perfect, yet no products are flawless.

But solution-oriented mindset has been in our daily practice.

We don’t complain. We solve problems for our customers.

We understand that doing international business isn’t easy, but we want to make it easier for our customers.

Here’s just a few feedback from some of our previous customers and I really hope to have the chance to add you to the list.

Start our cooperation with a small order

Despite what we say, we’re still strangers at this moment.

And we understand that building trust takes time and patience.

That’s why I would suggest you start our cooperation with a small order: a few chairs and tables etc.

That’ll give us the chance to work with each other throughout the whole process, after which we’ll have a better idea about each other, without putting you in a risky situation.


Buying office furniture from Foshan, China is a great choice for your furniture business or for your own use, to save money while getting decent quality products.

While challenges exist, we’re here to help solve the problems for win-win partnerships with you.

So don’t hesitate to reach out to us and I can’t wait to start a new project with you.

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