Furniture Sourcing Agent in Foshan, China

Buying furniture from China has never been so easy.

I’m not in China yet.

Send images or style of the furniture you want, and we’ll send you our suitable catalogs in 24 hours, so you can start exploring and selecting the products you need a quotation on.

Or, if you have a request list already, send it to us and we’ll process the quotation immediately and send it to you within 48 hours.

I’m in Foshan now.

Give us a call and we’ll meet you in 1 hour. +8618819824258

What is Swift Horse Sourcing?

Swift Horse Sourcing is a sourcing company in Foshan that helps you import furniture from China


From Sourcing to Delivery to Your Door

We source furniture suppliers and factories, follow up orders, arrange shipment and deliver to your warehouse.

You don't need any experience in importing furniture from China. All you need is know what furniture you need.

collect Products

Collect Products from Your Suppliers

We coordinate the collection of your products from different suppliers and ship to you in one shipment.

Save cost on multiple international shipping orders. Plus, we can also check the quantity and quality, and find solutions in case there are issues with the products.

Entrepreneurs and Importers are Happy with Swift Horse Sourcing

Start making money from your furniture import

Kickstart your furniture project now

All you need to get started is letting us know what you need. What are you waiting for?