Made in China


Made in China is another B2B marketplace like Alibaba and global sources. You can find wholesale suppliers on the platform.

Buyer Safety

Verified Supplier

Supplier with verified business licenses.

Audited Supplier

On-site verified supplier.

Secured Trading Services (STS)

  • Manage risk with escrow payment system
  • Negotiable settlement schedule
  • Deposit payment function
  • Personal customer service

Here’s more info for STS:

Quality Assurance

Apart from buyer safety measures mentioned above, Made in China has a program of MEI Awards (Manufacturing Excellence & Innovation Awards).

In short, it’s a problem that selects the best products from each category. This is also a guarantee of quality.

More information can be found here:

Types of Suppliers

Large factories and trading companies.

MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity)

There is usually a MOQ for most products because of the nature of suppliers (big manufacturers and trading companies).

It’s suggested to check and even negotiate with the suppliers directly instead of checking their listing information. This way, you may get a better deal if they get to know you well.


Made in China is a marketplace and all the prices are decided by respective sellers on the platform. However, in general, just like Alibaba and global sources, the prices are competitive thanks to the vast amount of suppliers.

Communication Methods

You can either chat with supplier online for instant responses or us the “Contact now” button to send inquiries with more details.

Payment Methods

Similar to Global sources and alibaba, on Made in China, various payment methods are supported for offline payments, including

  • Wire Transfer (T/T)
  • L/C
  • PayPal
  • Credit Card
  • Western Union

However, you need to check with your supplier for the best option.

Shipping Time & Modes

Made in China suppliers usually send bulk products by sea, by air, by express, by train and truck.

The shipping time is dependent on the destination and shipping method and you can have a rough idea by searching on shipping websites, like

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  • Large supplier base
  • Buyer protection measures
  • The supplier base may not be as big as that of Alibaba and may present fewer options for buyers.

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