Yiwu International Trade City

Yiwu International Trade City
Detailed Information

Yiwu International Trade City is probably the largest wholesale market in China. It covers almost all kinds of small commodities. The prices are cheap in general, but you need to be resourceful in order to find the best deal.

Product quality is comparatively less than that in Guangzhou and Shenzhen, especially for clothing, electronics, leather products etc.

The market is huge and it’s recommended to have a general idea about where your products are located before you go there and start exploring, as it’s going to take you a few days and even weeks to check out everything in this area.

Chinese Name

District 1:

1F: Toy, Artificial Flower, Flower Accessories, Annex Building (Toy/Ornaments/Craft)

2F: Hair Ornaments, Jewelry & Ornament, Annex Building (Ornament/Ornament Accessories)

3F: Festival Craft, Decorative Craft, Tourism Craft, Ceramic & Crystal Frame, Ornament Accessories, Annex Building (Ornaments/Craft/Accessories)

4F: Taiwan Mall (Flower/Ornaments/Craft), Factory Outlets (Toy/Flower/Ornaments/Accessories)

District 2:

1F: Rain Wear & Pack, Umbrella, Fujian Mall(Umbrella), Suitcase & Bag

2F: Electrial Products, Lock, Hardware Tools/Accessories, Vehicle

3F: Kitchen & Sanitary Hardware, Small Home Appliances, Guangdong Nanhai Mall, Telecommunications, Electronic Appliances & Photographic Equipment, Battery/Lamp/Flashlight (Electronics), Clock & Watch

4F: Anhui Mall, Yueqing Low-voltage Apparatus, Hong Kong Mall, Sichuan Mall, Korean Mall, Suitcase & Bag, Electronics, Clock & Watch, Hardware & Electronics

5F: Export Agencies, Featured Products

District 3:

1F: Pen, Paper, Ink, Eyeglasses

2F: Office & Study Stationery, Cultural & Sports Products, Outdoor Products

3F: Cosmetics, Cosmetic Accessories, Beauty Products, Mirror & Comb, Button & Zipper, Accessories, Apparel Accessories

4F: Factory Outlets-Cosmetics/Beauty/Products, Factory Outlets-Cultural & Sports, Factory Outlets-Apparel Accessories

District 4:

1F: Socks

2F: Knitted Goods, Hat & Cap, Gloves, Daily Necessities, Earmuffs

3F: Caddice, Tie, Lace, Towel, Thread & Tape, Shoes

4F: Belt/Accessories, Bra & Underwear, Scarf

5F: Tourism and Shopping Center, Garments, Shoes, Daily Necessities, Frame/Accessories

District 5:

1F: ICM-Foods/Healthy Products, ICM-Garments/Daily Consumable, ICM-Ornaments/Crafts, African Products Exhibition & Trade Center, Other Imported Products

2F: Bedding, Chinese Knot, DIY Handicraft

3F: Curtain Cloth, Knitted Cloth, Knitted Fabric

4F: Car Necessities, Car & Motorcycle Accessories, Commodity Distribution

5F: Online Services

You may also check stores and products from Yiwu International Trade City online at Yiwugo.

Contact Information
Nearby Intersection of Chouzhou North Rd and Chengxin Avenue , Yiwu, Zhejiang
Opening Hours
08:00 - 17:30
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