West Station Clock & Watch City

Detailed Information

The largest clock and wholesale market in southern China. The location is next to Guangzhou Railway Station and the population is huge.

When you go there, better not to drive. As soon as you enter that area, there will be sales people from the stores to “Welcome” you to visit their store. They try to sell you what they have.

You have to be very careful if you’re new to the industry since the quality may vary a lot and you can’t judge it simply by looking at their appearance.

It’s always suggested to explore what’s available before you decide to pay for anything in the market. This way you could probably save some money.

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You can use online chat to communicate with a supplier for instant answers. And you can also use the “Inquire Now” button to send a more detailed inquiry. Suppliers usually reply in 24 hours.

Contact Information
NO. 65, Zhanxi Road , Guangzhou, Guangdong