China Fabrics & Accessories Center

Detailed Information

The largest fabrics and accessories center in Guangzhou and probably the largest in China. The market has the world’s latest trends of fabrics and apparel accessories.

It’s a must-go market if you’re in the clothing, fabrics or clothing accessories business.

It will take you a few days to finish visiting the market as it’s huge.

The price from this market is also the highest among all other similar markets next to it, but it has the latest designs and the best quality as well.

It’s suggested to go here with public transportation since the street is always full of people. It’s almost the place with the highest density of people amongst all other wholesale markets of all kinds.

There are public computers at each floor where you can search for shops that sell certain fabrics, by searching the keyword.

You can also use it as a navigation for finding a specific store.

Chinese Name
  • All kinds of fabrics: knitted, woven. Modal, cotton, spandex, polyester.
  • All kinds of clothing accessories: buttons, zippers, sequiens, tapes, laces, rivets etc.
Contact Information
2 Jinfang Rd, Haizhu District , Guangzhou, Guangdong